A Tuesday In January At The Beach On Anna Maria Island

It’s just another Tuesday in January on Anna Maria Island, the sun is out, the weather is about 72 degrees and there is a slight sea breeze.  I was out shooting some beach footage the other day and thought I would share with everyone.  Especially all of the unfortunate people stuck in the snow, and cold up north, and would rather be somewhere else.  Maybe this beach video on Anna Maria Island will warm you up just a little.

After watching that video I’m sure that you are ready for an Anna Maria Island Vacation.  Just remember in your quest for  the pefect vacation, outdoor dining, fishing, shopping, or for the best beach to lay on, check in with an Anna Maria Island vacation specialist.  We have beach house rentals all over Anna Maria Island.  Call Island Real Estate today toll free at  877-778-6066 and book your island getaway!

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