If you are looking for up to the minute weather information you can visit any weather web site and enter our zip code of 34216 for Anna Maria City or 34217 for Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach.  For a link to Anna Maria weather – WEATHER

The average year around temperature of Anna Maria Island is a perfect 75 degrees F.   The Summer is perfect for dipping into the Gulf of Mexico where many consider it to be bath water since the Gulf waters average 84-86 degrees F.  The Summer average temperature on the island is 80 degrees while the Winter temperatures are a bit cooler but perfect for a strong rigorous walk along the beach.  Average Anna Marie Island winter temperature is 69 degrees F.  If the perfect temperatures have not convinced you then visiting will.

Average Temperatures: (High) – [Low] degrees F
JAN : 72-50 // FEB : 73 – 51 // MARCH : 77 – 56 // APRIL : 82 – 60
MAY : 87 – 65 // JUNE : 90 – 70 // JULY : 91 – 72 // AUG : 91 – 72
SEPT : 89 – 72 // OCT : 84 – 65 // NOV : 78 – 57 // DEC : 73 – 51

You can see below that rainfall can be dramatically different from month to month however for most natives of the island we do not recognize much of difference between months.  The summer late afternoons are cooled down by a quick 30 – 60 minute afternoon shower.  If you are considering visiting Anna Maria Island during the summer and the rainfall bothers you don’t let it.  The majority of the rain occurs in the late afternoon and frankly most of the time its a nice change of pace to the strong sunny mornings found on Anna Maria.

Average Rainfall : inches
JAN 2.8 : FEB 3.0 : MAR 3.0 : APRIL : 2.0 : MAY 3.2 : JUNE 7.4
JULY 8.8 : AUG 9.6 : SEPT 8.5 : OCT 3.1 : NOV 2.0 : DEC 2.4

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Originally from Rochester, NY, Larry has found paradise on Anna Maria Island. He is an Anna Maria Island resident and President of Island Real Estate. He is always happy to share his expertise on the local real estate and vacation rental market. As a local, he is also able to offer excellent island insight on what to enjoy and things to do in the area.


  1. Christine says

    I have a question about visitng the last week of Sept. I have heard this is your hurricane time? Is this true? I have yet to buy tickets, but have one week booked to stay, and would like to know before I book flights. Thank you.

    Christine Hoffman

  2. Nick says

    I have a question about visiting the week before Christmas. What is the temperature like at this time of year. Would my wife and I be able to lay out at the beach or pool at all? Thank you

    • says


      The weather in December is usually in the high 70’s / low 80’s and sunny! The water temperature in the
      Gulf of Mexico might be a little chilly for swimming, but we have vacation rentals with heated pools…

  3. Mary Cleveland says

    I am considering relocating to Anna Maria from Nh. I hate the cold and snow but I also get heat exhaustion easily. What are the real average daytime temps on Anna Maria? how comfortable is it?

    • says

      Hi Mary-

      Anna Maria Island is a great place to live; we have beautiful sugar sand beaches and warm weather all year round.

      Average year-round temperature: 74.8 degrees
      Average summer temperature: 80.1 degrees
      Average winter temperature: 68.5 degrees

    • says

      Hi Mary –

      I hope the average temperatures information will help you in relocating. Feel free to contact us with any other questions. We would be happy to help you with any of your Real Estate or Vacation Rentals needs.

  4. Beth says


    My husband & I visited AMI for the first time in Sept. And we fell in love! We would love to go back down & take our family. We are wanting to go when the weather is nasty & cold here in PA. But still want it to be warm enough in Anna Maria to do all the outside fun things. So would it best to come in Nov or Jan? Or is there another time that would be better?

    • says

      Well the average temperature here in January is a nice 65 degrees. So if you want it just a little warmer i’d definitely suggest November. Even us Floridians still swim in the Gulf in November. Hope that helps!

  5. Patty says


    We are thinking about visiting Anna Maria Island in April 2015. I was looking at the temperatures in April and it said historically they have been in the high 70s and 80s but this year it’s going to be raining and cooler. We really want to be able to enjoy the water when we come. Any comments or thoughts on this?

    • says

      I’ll say up front that it really depends on the person, but I’ll give you my personal experience. My daughter, 4 years old, and I are already getting our legs in the water, but not swimming. Usually by the end of March we’re back in the water, where our wife usually waits until the end of April/May. Yesterday the high was 82, this weekend it is cooling down, so it will really depend on the weather at that point. I hope that non-answer helps.

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