Sand Dollar Gift Shop is a must stop on Anna Maria Island

Holmes Beach – The Sand Dollar Gift Shop is one of Anna Maria Island’s finest for its ambiance and style.  When you take your first Sand Dollar imagestep into the store you are instantly surrounded by the great smells of exotic scented candles and stones for the home.  As you begin to look around you will start to notice all of the wonderful sand and beach inspired decor for the home as well as a great selection of jewelry.  The clothing and shoes are always up to date and stylish.  But most of all you will be taken back by the charm, friendliness of the staff, and most of all, the affordability.Sand Dollar image

The Sand Dollar Gift Shop is a definite must see while either visiting or vacationing on Anna Maria Island.  The Sand Dollar is also a must visit if shopping for unique gifts for those at home helping you while on vacation.  The gift shop is located in the city of Holmes beach.

Sand Dollar Gift Shop
5302 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217
(941) 778-2024

12 thoughts on “Sand Dollar Gift Shop is a must stop on Anna Maria Island”

  1. I love the sand dollar!!! Everytime we visit I go to it at least three
    times! I love how after u buy something, it still smells like inside the store!
    (which by the way- smells awesome!!!!!)

    1. FYI – the owners of the sand dollar have opened an ice cream shop over by Walgreens on East Bay Drive. Swing in on your next visit. They have similar gifts there plus you can pick up some great ice cream or smoothies!

  2. I am looking for a bracelet that I purchased from your store last year at this time. The bracelet is silver and has the Lords prayer all around it. I would like to order at least 5 more. Please let me know if you still have them or where I might get them.



  3. my son visited there last year he bought me a small glass lighthouse which was dropped and broken. I dont have the heart to tell him so I would like to replace it. can you send me some pictures so I can order it and have you send it to me. Please let me know if this is possible. thank you and happy holidays

  4. Was visiting Anna Maria island, found some blowfish ornaments with hats on at a shop and can’t remember name of it. It was a very unique shop, lots of nice gifts. If anyone knows of the name please let me know, I was interested in getting more blowfish ornaments!! Thank u!!

    1. There’s a great deal of shops on the island that sell beach souvenirs including the stuffed blowfish you described. You could always try the Sand Dollar Gift Shop itself. They have all sorts of fun merchandise!

  5. Hi we visited your awesome store a few days ago and would like to purchace a mat that was there I really wish you would sell on line. This is a wonderful store to purchase your home decor!!

  6. I am interested in purchasing a gift certificate for your shop for my sister-in-law who lives on AMI in the winter.
    We love your shop. Please let me know how I can do that.

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