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Sunset on Beaches of Anna Maria
Anna Maria Island Sunsets – Wow

If you have visited Anna Maria Island and you have not observed a SUNSET then you have been robbed of one of your God given rights. Viewing our magnificent Gulf Coast sunsets every evening offers a different work of art and after all, the reason you go on vacation is to relax! If you are lucky enough to visit in the summer you may have a chance to witness a phenomenal Anna Maria Island Sunset AND turtle hatchlings. If you have not visited Anna Maria Island… it’s ok, use our web site to reserve one of many fabulous vacation rentals or purchase your “peace” of paradise through our real estate office.


……this page will fill the void you have felt since your last visit to Anna Maria or the void created from friends or family raving about their last visit to the island. Below you will find the best of the best photo’s of our sunsets, a blog that our fabulous Real Estate professional keeps up weekly, Melinda Bordes, she reviews the week’s sunsets and offers the best of the week for those of you looking to leverage you relaxation time, (Can you leverage your relaxation time?) or view other sunset related content and information we have below.
The “anatomy” of a Sunset
Best of the Best Anna Maria Sunsets
Various pictures of Beach and Sunsets

Sunset of the Week Blog – Melinda Bordes


Anna Maria Island Photographers

Anna Maria Island – When visiting Anna Maria Island it’s hard not to notice all the natural beauty to be seen in this tropical paradise. Often when families visit they love to have professional photographs taken to remember their experience at this perfect vacation destination. In addition to family vacations, many couples decide to host their wedding ceremony on Anna Maria Island, and request professional photography services for their ceremony and celebration. No matter what the reason for your visit to Anna Maria Island, if you are looking for photo keepsakes from your stay there is a professional waiting to help you!

Professional Photographers

We have compiled a list of over 20 photographers working on or around Anna Maria Island. Some of these professionals are members of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce while others are photographers that have been suggested by locals and visitors to the area. These individuals offer a range of different photography services including weddings, special events, family beach portraits, videography, maternity photos, children’s photos, framing and more. Each of the professionals in the list offers a slightly different set of services at different price points, and may specialize in a certain aspect of their industry. Peruse the list in the link above to find the perfect professional for your needs.

Popular places for photo shoots on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island offers so many beautiful locations for amazing photo opportunities that you can’t throw a seashell without hitting one! Simply head to just about any beach access and you’ll find the perfect background for your pictures. There are a few spots that we suggest for photos as listed below.

Bean Point

The tip of Anna Maria Island is called Bean Point, and it’s truly a stunning location for photos. This area of the island offers few parking spaces, and is less crowded. Get views of both Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico as you walk around north end. There are gorgeous wooden boardwalks, scenic dunes and the Island’s notorious Australian Pines to serve as your backdrop on Bean Point.

Bean Point on Anna Maria Island
Bean Point

Bay Front Park

To the southeast of Bean Point you’ll find Bay Front Park. This area of the Island offers a narrow strip of beaches looking onto Tampa Bay with great views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Anna Maria City Pier and Rod & Reel Pier.

Anna Maria Bayfront Park
Bayfront Park offers gorgeous views!

Anna Maria City Pier and Rod & Reel

Both the Anna Maria City Pier and the Rod & Reel Pier are excellent places for family photos. located just a short walk from each other, these piers overlook the bay side of the island, and hold a great deal of island history.

city pier
Anna Maria City Pier

Gulf Beaches at Sunset

Any gulf beach at sunset is beautiful, but we recommend Anna Maria gulf beaches like those found on White Avenue. Anna Maria gulf beach accesses have lush Seagrape trees, green beach foliage and rustic wooden boardwalks leading over sea oat sand dunes. Your photographer is sure to capture the perfect sunset image no north end beaches.

Anna Maria Island Sunsets are always picturesque.

Egmont Key

Egmont Key is a small island State Park only accessible by boat. Located off the northern tip of Anna Maria Island, Egmont Key offers a historic lighthouse and old fort ruins along with gorgeous coastline.

Egmont key state park
Egmont Key

Wedding Accommodations

Weather you are looking to book the perfect Honeymoon suite, or need accommodations for the wedding guests Island Real Estate has the perfect vacation destination for you with almost 300 vacation properties to choose from!

Anna Maria Island beach front vacation rental
Beach House unit 4 is the perfect beach front one bedroom Honeymoon vacation rental for newly weds! Click on the image to reserve your stay today!



Silhouettes at Sunset ~ 9~15~2014 ~ Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island ~ A Romantic Sunset
Romance on Anna Maria Island

The summer has come and gone and we are entering into fall! The atmosphere changes from tourists bustling around the Island enjoying vacations with family and friends to less crowded locals soaking up the peace and quiet for about a month on Anna Maria Island. I find fall sunsets to be the most beautiful because the skies are a much deeper blue and late afternoon showers give way to more grandeur sunsets! It is a perfect time for couples to nestle their chairs in the sand and let the sunset serve as their entertainment. The turtles are still hatching and the shore birds, dolphins and manatees all add that touch of wildlife for which Anna Maria Island is so well known especially to the locals. Soon we will see fall festivals happening along the Gulf of Mexico, both on and off the Island offering seafood and live music as well as arts and crafts. Islanders are always excited to put on their jeans and open their windows to feel the cross breezes and fresh air!  And at the end of the day we find our reward for hard work is to be able to walk to the beach to rest and relax as we experience another amazing sunset pulling the shade down as day fades into night…as summer fades into fall!   


Anna Maria Soaring Sunset
Soaring Sunset on Anna Maria Island


Created by Melinda Bordes 941-705-0146…Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas feel free to call me to assist you in the process. Together we can find that perfect slice of paradise so you can soak up our amazing sunsets no matter the season!


Silhouettes at Sunset April 27, 2014 The Green Flash

Anna Maria Island Sunset
Anna Maria Island Sunset

Once again I witnessed another bold sunset and had the pleasure of sharing it with some lovely ladies who had just arrived that day for another adventure on Anna Maria Island! They have stayed with Island Real Estate over the years and commented on how great our rental department had treated them in the past. They also bragged on our maintenance department claiming how helpful they had always been if they needed anything. They are part of a group and other family members will be joining them to make some wonderful memories and enjoy the fragrances of the Island! After our exchange it was time to get serious about the sunset before us. It was quickly dropping into the Gulf of Mexico and the skies were so blue and not a cloud to be found! Just as soon as the top of the sun dropped out of sight there was a splash of deep aqua green that seemed to spray up from the sunset…The Green Flash! We all started asking “did you see that”? You could hear people clapping up and down the beach! It was a perfect sunset and the green flash was the exclamation point at the end of the sunset! Perhaps it is time to put your toes in the sand and capture one of our sunsets that make you go aw-w-w-w-w! Enjoy the sunset! 

Guests of Island Real Estate!
Guests of Island Real Estate!

    By Melinda Bordes 941-705-0146 or…Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or the surrounding areas let me assist you in the process of owning the perfect piece of real estate where you can fill your sand bucket full of sunsets!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ October 12, 2013


Amazing Anna Maria Sunset
Amazing Anna Maria Sunset

Anna Maria Island sunsets are amazing this time of the year the Island. For the first time in a while we are experiencing a nip in the air with soft breezes and brilliant blue skies. The humidity has dropped and everyone is in a fall kind of mood! We had more rain than usual this summer and temperatures were sweltering at times. It felt more like a sauna which is nice if you are floating in the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico!  Have you made your plans for a fall getaway? We have some wonderful beach cottages with your name on it. Come and breath in the salt air and let the sunset hypnotize you into a complete relaxed state of mind! Please enjoy the sunset!

photo (6)photo (5)Created by Melinda Bordes  …Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas call me to assist you in the process. Together we can find that perfect slice of paradise so you can soak up our amazing sunsets!

Anna Maria Sunset
Exploding Sunset




Anna Maria Fall Sunset

Anna Maria Island Sunrise | Beautiful Sunrises

Anna Maria Island Sunrise

Anna Maria Island Sunrise

There are a million reasons to love Anna Maria Island. The Anna Maria Island sunrise seen above, the laid back island atmosphere, the old Florida feel, the sugar soft white sand beaches, the cool gulf waters, an average temperature of 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average of 361 days of sunshine a year are just a few.

This Anna Maria Island sunrise as seen over the Anna Maria City Pier is something we islanders look forward to every day. What better way to start the day than with a short stroll along the beach with the gulf breeze flowing through your hair and the sugar soft sand between your toes? After that just grab a coffee or your favorite breakfast treat and you’ll be ready for anything the day can throw at you.

So come join us and get on “island time” where the day is determined by sunrise and sunset rather than the clock. Until then we’ll be lounging on the beach staring at blue skies while listening to the waves calmly lap along the shoreline. We’re waiting for you to join us with drink in hand here on beautiful Anna Maria Island!

Want to see some more shots of our beautiful island? We have a whole section dedicated to Anna Maria Island sunsets.

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ The Clocks Are Rolled Back ~ 11~5~2012


Anna Maria Island ~ Spectacular Sunset


The clocks have been turned back and we are headed towards the holidays and season here on Anna Maria Island. This week we are going to experience a drop in temperatures with a high only in the low 70’s! Although this cold wave will not last long and we will see the 80’s back soon it is always a thrill after the steamy summer passes to feel a bit of fall in the air. We do not experience color change in the leaves like our northern neighbors and many of our exotic plants are in full bloom! It is truly the tropical feel of the Island that is such a lure to our beloved Snowbirds, not to mention the much warmer temperatures even as fall fades away and winter casts it’s shorter days and creates the need to layer our clothing. Most winters one can easily secure a tan even though you may have to hide from a chillier wind! For those of you that are blessed to live here year round I believe I can speak for you and say we love the adventure of the change in seasons and relief from the heat of summer. We are thankful for our tropical breezes that cool us in the midst of summer and the bath-like waters that refresh us in the heat of the day. No matter what season you choose to visit the Island you will never be disappointed…you will always experience that rush of calm and peace as you cross the bridge to the Island and enter our “step-back-in-time” atmosphere. You will be entering a zone where nature abounds, sunsets amaze you and you will not be able to wipe that smile from you face…yes, it feels that good on Anna Maria Island! Come and enjoy a spectacular sunset…you will want to stay forever!   IMG_0700

Written by Melinda Bordes, If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please feel free to contact me and I will gladly assist you with all of your real estate needs. The pace of this market is fast as buyers have waited for the market to become solid and just make more sense. The prices have hit bottom and some say we are now headed in an upward direction. Inventory has dropped drastically and we are seeing multiple bids which is your best indicator that we are in a very healthy market. If you have been waiting to purchase or list your home now is the time as we head into season. Now is the when you have been waiting for to fulfill you dreams of ownership on Anna Maria Island. Our sunsets just increase the value of you home and they cost you nothing!

Can you say awwww!

Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Mar. 16, 2012 ~ Anna Maria Bucket List


It is about time you started your Anna Maria Bucket List and I have some great ideas for you…

1. Swim with the manatees

A resting Manatee…

Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Mar. 16, 2012 ~ Anna Maria Bucket List

Silhouettes at Sunset 11~11~11 | Just Another Day at the Beach!

Another day at the Beach

If you are a numbers person today has been one of those days! Today’s date has brought comments from everyone on Anna Maria Island from Publix to Island Real Estate and even at the beach at sunset. We will have to wait for another century to see these numbers again. As I stepped on the beach tonight at sunset there were four weddings taking place within a few feet of each other. I understand today was a day of more “I do’s” than on any given day. It is also said that babies born on this day will have some special blessing. My granddaughter was born on 11/11 and is celebrating her birthday in Atlanta with a sleep over and at 11:11 tonight they will roast marshmellows around a campfire and wave sparklers in the air to celebrate 11/11/11 at 11:11!    I suppose we will have to wait until next year to see 12/12/12 at 12:12! Continue reading Silhouettes at Sunset 11~11~11 | Just Another Day at the Beach!

Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island

An Anna Maria Sunset

Once again it is time to retire the surf board and prepare the book bag for another school year. But wait…if you are on Anna Maria Island you really don’t have to retire that surfboard…it is 90 something degrees and we will continue to see weather fit for the outdoors activities well into winter. Just make sure you get that homework done then head on down to the beach to catch a wave and enjoy the balmy and alluring waters of the gulf coast. It has been an unusually hot summer but we have those gentle gulf breezes that caress you as you soak up the beauty of our Island! I have spotted dolphins almost daily frolicking in the gulf and the sunsets continue to amaze me. We have seen our share of storms moving through the area which presents a perfect scenario for very dramatic sunsets. Continue reading Silhouttes at Sunset ~ 8~18~11 ~ Fading Summer Sunset Anna Maria Island